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Friday, October 29th, 2010 12:42 pm

As probably many of you know, I got a bunch of cards made up at VistaPrint a number of years ago through their 250 for "free" (something like $6 S&H) if you use one of their small selection of preset designs (which change) and allow them to print a reasonably subtle ad on the back of the card. The idea was to have something I could hand out at conventions and the like when I met someone interesting as an easy way to give them contact information and help them remember who I am.

I'm running low on cards, and the contact information is pretty woefully out of date (it has my ICQ number!), so I think it's time for a new batch. It looks like they still have something like that deal running, so I'm probably going to go with it again.

In addition to the contact information being out of date, I'm not sure the text I put on them is still what I want, especially as I don't really do much roleplaying any longer, and I've gotten involved in some other things not reflected (dance, costuming a bit).

Here's the old card (with some details redacted because this is online and I felt I should):


Marc [Lastname]


Dragons Rescued, Heroes Slain, Worlds Built

Hacks Performed, Spaghetti Detangled

Exploration: locations, mysteries, ideas, etc.

E-mail: [address]

AIM: Marc Magus ICQ: 3707835

I'm looking for some brainstorming help for the new card. Ideas for things I might want to reflect, or specific text to capture them succinctly would be appreciated.

I'll probably replace the last line with something like "Most sites: marcmagus", since I have that as a user name most places these days. Suggestions for alternate wording definitely welcome.

I think I want to stick with the style of silly entrepreneurial adventurer/Player Character type business card, rather than a proper formal calling card. If only because the lines about the sorts of odd jobs I do are fun and generally get a positive reaction.

Any suggestions?


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