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marcmagus: Ten the hard way (ten the hard way)
Friday, July 2nd, 2010 12:18 pm

Apparently, and I'm not sure if this is a change and I haven't found any documentation for it anywhere, the "intel" X.Org driver will not permit access to hardware acceleration and the DRI unless the user is a member of the "video" group. That was a good hour of Googling to find.

So, if you use an Intel-based graphics controller such as the Intel 82945G/GZ (or any other 945G chipset controller), make sure to add your primary user to "video" if you want hardware acceleration.

I was wondering why it was using the software renderer; I thought I'd gotten this working last year. Oh, well...working now.

marcmagus: (regexp)
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 01:43 pm

I just had an annoying amount of difficulty doing an emerge -avtuND world.

The reason? I'm an idiot.

Note to self, and other Gentoo users: Never add anything to /etc/portage/package.unmask; it will come back to bite you later.

This is a slight lie: it's appropriate to add games-roguelike/nethack for manual unmasking. But in general, if you think this is the correct solution to your problem, you're probably wrong; think two more times.

Also, I'll point out that running ~arch can be viral: trying to run the ~arch version of net-www/mozilla-firefox, for example, results in about a dozen packages having to be added to package.keywords. This is a giant pain in the ass.

Question: is there a tool which will helpfully add a package to package.keywords and helpfully recursively add dependencies as necessary until the package will be compiled? Doing it by hand is really tedious, especially because emerge will only tell you the first package which is going to cause a problem, not all of them, so you can't even get a list. Meh.

Sometimes Gentoo is a right PITA. Also, I'm worried that tuomov may be right about the direction Linux is going, though I can't believe he's right about the solution. I think what he's putting up with by switching to Windows is worse than what I'm putting up with by sticking to Linux, which I guess shows we have different priorities despite generally agreeing about what sucks.

marcmagus: (regexp)
Friday, November 7th, 2008 02:43 pm

Last night I did my occasional emerge -avtuND world. There was a recursive block happening because two packages had been moved into a third, so e2fsprogs was blocking e2fsprogs-lib, and vice-versa, with sys-libs/com_err and sys-libs/ss also involved. Fortunately, I had the thought "these sound important" and went to do some Googling before I attempted to resolve it for myself, so I avoided the fate of many who got stuck with a non-functional Portage midway through the update (ouch).

Let me comment on that, actually: if you're doing this update, be very careful. Your wget probably depends on com_err, so after emerging com_err you will be unable to fetch the distfiles for e2fsprogs-lib, which is what you need to resupply com_err under the new packaging. Make sure to fetch all needed distfiles before unmerging com_err! In fact, do some research on this for yourself.

So, that went fine. Then I did my usual world update, and left it to go overnight while I went to sleep. I know I heard my music start from my at job at 10am. Sometime between then and noon, it stopped. When I got up, I couldn't get any display at all. I actually hard-reset the darn thing. I've been experiencing intermittent problems of varying degrees (irssi segfaulted, firefox has done all kinds of special things, either my window manager or X has outright crashed, etc.) all day. I'm not sure what's wrong. I've been selectively remerging things in case it helps. (revdep-rebuild continues to show nothing needing rebuilding, and everything in /etc is up to date.) This is really frustrating.

I still love Gentoo, I'm just a little irritated with it right now.